About Us

Our Vision: The Town of South Windsor will promote a Healthy Food System, by supporting local farms, farmers’ markets, community gardens, increased use of town owned land for farming, food waste composting, green roof projects,restaurants buying local produce, edible schoolyards, a food-hub and food co-op store.

Our Mission: The mission of the South Windsor FOOD Alliance is to create a Healthy Food System in town that will promote sales of locally grown foods and create new ventures to support local farming.

Our Purpose: The purpose of this project is to increase awareness regarding the health benefits of residents eating locally grown foods and to make the connection between where our food comes from and the local farms that have been an important link in the town’s history. We will propose this plan be included in the Town of South Windsor’s Master Plan for Conservation and Development. The project will be updated and reviewed annually to evaluate new ideas as they are presented to the South Windsor FOOD Alliance.

Read the full Master Plan: SW FOOD Alliance-Master Plan

The FOOD Alliance is a Sub-Committee of the South Windsor Park & Recreation Commission



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