The Top 10 Questions for Good Health

  1. we love local food carrot
    Does milk really do a body good?
  2. What is a factory farm?
  3. Why are hydrogenated fats so bad for me?
  4. Should I know my cholesterol level?
  5. Should I know my blood pressure?
  6. Is exercise really as good as medicine?
  7. Is there a difference between farm-raised and wild caught fish?
  8. What are pro-biotics?
  9. What are anti-oxidants and why are they so important?
  10. What causes Osteoporosis and how to prevent it?

    we love local farm

The answers to all these questions are extremely important for your overall health and wellness to stay healthy and prevent disease in your future. Every decision, each choice we make everyday, about our food, has an impact on our health or disease. The food choices we make and the knowledge we have about our own health status can make a difference in the quality of our health-style. As you examine these TOP TEN Questions, ask yourself, how much do you know about each topic and what impact it can have on your health.

Some of the answers may surprise you. All of them are important. These questions represent a good place to begin to analyze your own health and wellness as you search for information to make healthy changes and improve your chances for healthy living. It will not be easy. Marketing and advertising tries to convince us to make choices that may harm our health. The supermarket must be entered with caution as we move through the sea of fake foods and the artificial ingredients, colors and flavors (author Michael Pollan calls them “food-like substances”).

Label reading is a necessity and the list of ingredients can provide you with some surprising information. Take your time, do not shop when you are hungry, and ignore the “health claims” of food companies. Adding a few vitamins or minerals to a high sugar, high salt, high fat food, does not make it good for you.

Eat Well…Shop Wisely….Be Healthy!    Shop at the South Windsor Farmers Market Every Saturday, 10am to 1pm, June thru October at

the South Windsor Community Center, 150 Nevers Rd

by Dr. Andrew Paterna, South Windsor FOOD Alliance

Find us on Facebook:  Southwindsorfarmersmarket

The South Windsor FOOD Alliance is a

Sub-Committee of the SW Park & Recreation Commission



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