What IS a Factory Farm?

Factory Farm

Does this picture remind you of ANY farm you have ever seen in Connecticut? These massive Factory Farms and Feedlots have no connection to the land or the environment. They are simply ‘concentrated animal feeding operations’ (CAFO), to produce animals with a maximum amount of weight before sales. This is industrial farming.

In a healthy farming system, as we have in Connecticut, farmers work with the natural environment and they rotate crops, graze animals in pastureland, and do not use growth hormones or large amounts of unnecessary antibiotics.

For cows in these huge feedlots, they are fed corn and soy, and this pushes large farms to produce only one or two crops in order to keep pace the needs of the industrial food system. As a result, these large industrial farms are causing a loss in the concept of crop rotation as a way of strengthening the land and sustaining the nutrients needed for new crops.

The growth hormones and large amounts of antibiotics (which enhance growth), and mixed in the feed, are not the only problems with this industrialized food. There are other issues we should be aware of that can affect our health. The two most serious problems are animal waste/manure getting into our water supply, and the overuse of chemical fertilizers that add to both water and land pollution.

What can you do?  BUY LOCAL.
Every time you shop and buy products from these factory farming operations you are making a ‘food statement’. The supermarket scanning machine is your way of telling them to ‘keep doing this’.  However, each time you buy local products (Connecticut made, or New England made) your message is even more powerful.
Now the message you send is: ‘I support locally grown food’.
Visit the South Windsor Farmers Market and support CONNECTICUT GROWN Products.
Eat Well…Shop Wisely….Be Healthy! 
Shop at the South Windsor Farmers Market EVERY SATURDAY (June thru October)
10am to 1pm, at the South Windsor Community Center (150 Nevers Rd.)
Webpage: swfood.org      Facebook: SouthWindsorFarmersMarket
The SW FOOD Alliance:  Sub-Committee of the SW Park & Recreation Commission
by Dr. Andrew Paterna, South Windsor FOOD Alliance

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